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Our ERP Software is a simple and user friendly. Simplified Billing System,Leading Software company in coimbatore.Whether you are selling products or services, this ERP software will be the ideal option to track your sales,invoices and services. Send Quotation, Raise Bill, Track Payments Received and Pending, Set Discounts, Set Taxes, Multiple user access and consisting of many more features.

Benefits of using ERP Software

Flexible SOftware

Multi User Options on Computer for multi customer handling

Reduce Paper Work

Complete Comprehensive reports.

Inventory Management

Control the ordering, storage and processing of finished products.

Report Customization

Decide how the reports should be displayed.

Payment Tracking

Current status of the payment can be viewed and tracked.

User Friendly ERP

Easy to learn, work, understand, or deal with.


Expertise in ERP manufacturing and distribution environments from setup, migration, development and upgrades. ERP Development provide support and development services for companies that use ERP, further more allowing them to utilize the applications strengths with the power to customize and integrate. First of all this might take the route of an easy customisation of the forms to raised map your business processes. In addition our ERP are often wont to control the flow of the appliance and eventually Dashboards are often used to allow users better visibility of your data. Also new forms are often added to the appliance and access to User Defined data tables enhancing the appliance to suit specific business practices. Not all businesses are an equivalent , and each business has unique working practices. ERP platform provides you with tools to permit you to customize the appliance so it reflects and supports those working practices. But further more still retaining standard and best practices included within the software


We offer Customisation expertise starting with simple changes to form layout, leading to reflecting the way your business operates. Further more this is often achieved either by hiding unused fields or creating new fields or forms, changing colours, themes, and process flow to represent the way that you simply business works. Finally resulting in C# Code behind the customisation to change events and values before posting through to the Business Object . Our Method directives are often wont to alter or control the flow of how the appliance works consequently providing better mapping to your own unique business processes. Method directives are often designed to attach to server to leverage C# dll. Further more connecting to stored procedures on SQL to change details direct at the DB level. Data Directives can wont to alter process and data on an occasion triggered by data updates


ERP Development utilise customisation Editor and Toolbox. Along with User Defined Tables to increase functionality and increase data volume unit associated with the most business objects. Further more allowing businesses to raised map their business processes in our ERP. Better layouts are presented to users that simplify the way their jobs are administered , this is often especially relevant in reducing errors and omissions. We have developed a bespoke application for the transfer of knowledge from test to measure environments. Therefore allowing development to be avoided affecting the live environment. Once finalised the info are often imported into the live environment during a controlled way, eliminating the duplication of labor . We can design and implement your security frameworks to incorporate multiple Groups,this allows better control to user access. The found out of ERP to record usage and alter control on critical elements, leading to greater control over who within the organisation can do what. We can extend Crystal Report functionality by altering Report Data definitions to incorporate / join extra tables including user defined tables. We can develop new reports using SSRS and as a result allowing greater flexibility in query design by the utilization of SQL.


Easy Billing business integration platform for secure workflow both internally to the appliance and externally to 3rd party systems. Easy Billing is meant to convert business data by mapping data structures either internally or externally , in addition the info can then be manipulated through pre-designed functions. The resulting data can then processed in to ERP or bent third party applications via multiple connections file, ftp, ODBC, SMTP and in various formats csv, flat file, Excel and XML. The Workflow Designer allows you to make Workflows, Input / Output Channels utilising inbuilt Conversions, design or map data Schemas, Map messages and track documents.

Upgrade and Migration

No business is static and customers requirements are ever changing, requiring new innovative responses, at ERP Development we help with migration from legacy systems to our ERP or upgrade from earlier version . Upgrading are often a frightening task, where you'll have many customisations, Dashboards, User Defined tables. ERP Development we'll map all of your present live changes and assist you convert from existing ERP to C#. Further more we've developed a strategy and a toolset to assist and control the Upgrade or Migration process, that eliminates the necessity for downtime which will allow a smooth transistion and changeover to the new system. We work with you to develop a schedule that meets yours requirements, with work done both on site and off site. We have been through multiple upgrade scenarios, which you'll got to do on a daily basis to take care of your support, this must be tested outwith the live environment to form sure all customisations work and integrated applications work, as Epicor upgrades can usually contain schema changes.


ERP Development provide multi levels of support whether it's on or off site. Further more this will purchased month, yearly or on an as-needed basis. Our aim is to partner with you providing first-class services supported our knowledge of your found out , customisations and therefore the way your business works. We can provide technical expertise with server setup and configuration You can contact us by phone or email and your call are going to be logged into our Help Desk system for processing and future reference. Remote login via VPN. Hosted ERP for testing and debugging.


  • Master Tile - item master and ledger master
  • Transaction Tile - cash bill, dc , invoice , debit note , credit note, po , purchase
  • Marketing Tile - quotation, performa invoice
  • Accounts Report Tile - gst reports
  • Design Tile - barcode design and image upload
  • Trans Report Tile - cash bill, dc , invoice , debit note , credit note, po , purchase - Reports
  • Setting Tile - login in and other main settings
  • A/C Voucher Entry Tile - payment , receipt, contra , journal - vouchers
  • Manage Inventory Tile - stock in and out entrys
  • Payment And Settlement Tile - cheque printing options
  • Gate Entry Tile - visitor pass and vhecile pass
  • Report Tile -stock reports
  • Tasks Tile - task and status
  • HRMS Tile - employee salary
  • Dairy Tile
  • SMS Tile - sms options
  • School Tile - school
  • Miscellaneous Tile - pdf to text, excel to sql etc
  • Smart Forms Tile - upload formas and number each document
  • Office Suite Tile - alternatives for excel , word , pdf
  • Data Sheet Tile - data entry and report module
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